Šilo is the cradle of the shipping industry on the island Krk.
Throughout the centuries, many beautiful sailboats, yachts, and ships have gently rocked in Šilo's bay. Šilo is known for it's dredgers who dug sand from the sea floor.
Filled with natural wonders, Šilo is home to the protected Stipanja cove which made Šilo come to be known as 'a health resort' as of 1928. Punta Šila, a cape at the end of this cove, is illustrative of Šilo generally — a place sailing ahead, especially in tourism.

Šilo is close to the mainland, divided from Crikvenica only by the Vinodol channel. It's a beautiful town known for its sunny beaches, plentiful swimming coves, a large sandy beach great for children, fisherman's nights, sporting events, small restaurants and modest people.