Culinary arts

Portić restaurant

This restaurant is like an eternally anchored ship, forever docked in the small port located in the center of Šilo. This central and seaside location, allows the restaurant to offer fresh fish, homemade specialties and other delicious foods. The elegant ambience and...

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Pećine restaurant

The Pećine Restaurant is situated above a sandy beach, in a place where you can relax and take in views of the entire bay. You can ditch the hot summer sun by retreating to the shaded areas in the restaurant's spacious terrace, and in the evening the terrace provides an inviting...

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Pećine cocktails bar

Next to Pećine Restaurant you'll find an entertaining and lively cocktail bar. The bar has two smaller terraces, one above the other, and both protruding over the sea. It's a place filled with good music, young people and those young at heart —a perfect place to enjoy and...

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